Welcome to the jungle

The idea for an allotment came from my work wife Sue, we had previously been having a discussion about growing veggies in our gardens and how limited we were with the space. Sue told me that she had put her name down for an allotment, so naturally I decided to copy her!

Thinking it would take years to get to the top of the list, I was surprised when I was approached about a year later by the Secretary of the site I had applied for, letting me know that I was top of the list. There were a couple of plots that I could choose from and decided to go with the one that had a shed on it so that I had somewhere to sit when it inevitably rained.

So in August 2018, I got the keys to plot 38b and my allotment journey began. And this is what I faced

and my first thought was……where the blimming heck do I begin?

Jan, the site secretary had kindly strimmed all of the waist high weeds down for me so I could see better what I was dealing with.

I was joined by my Fiance, Mr Inker and Ruby our Red Setter. Mr Inker set to work on the space at the side of the shed, digging this over and getting rid of the multitude of perennial weeds, whilst I started to mark out the paths that would divide the 3 large beds in front of the shed. Ruby worked extremely hard by sniffing things and snoozing in the shed (well done Ruby, couldn’t have done without you!)

And this is how it looked after the first week. Already it was looking a million times better and I couldn’t wait to continue my journey with my plot.


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