Welcome back to the jungle

Well goodness me, it is a long time since I last posted. The world pretty much stood still for a while as we were all confined to our homes. Allotment visits were allowed during lockdown but I was working from home so still only managed to get down of a weekend.

I didn’t have a huge amount of luck with my crops, as almost everything I planted, was decimated by hungry wildlife, courgettes, gone! Sweet corn, gone! The munchkin pumpkins I had so much success with last year, I think you get the idea.

I was however ok with my peas, I was able to get a good few harvests from those and they were delicious, so sweet! My shallots did well also and I was able to get a good harvest of those.

But, I also have some other news. Back to the title of this post, I now have a new plot, I swapped my half plot with a lovely lady called Ali, the paperwork was completed at the beginning of this week and I am now the proud tenant of a full plot.

It is very large, and there is lots of work to do on it, but it has huge potential. The photos below, show only a portion of the plot, as it actually extends beyond the greenhouse!

Ali, the lady I swapped with, very kindly cut down the weeds at the front for me before the big move. And Jan, the site secretary, enlisted the help of Brushcutter Dave and tackled the back section, which was six foot high with brambles and nettles.

I started bringing my things down from the old plot on Saturday with the help of Mr Inker, which gave me the opportunity to have a good old mooch at what was there.

I have a good size shed, a greenhouse, a patio, a cold frame, a huge water tank at the back of the shed, a pond, two massive clumps of rhubarb and a vast amount of strawberries.

First things first, I needed to make a plan. Unfortunately, the whole front of the plot is covered in clear plastic under about six inches of soil, even under the raised beds. The thought of removing it was daunting to say the least, so my plan of action is to tackle one bed at time, so I have somewhere to get planting and then when they are done I will do the paths bit by bit so that I am not overwhelmed.

I made a start on the first bed today, I took out some of the soil at the end of the bed and cut and peeled away the plastic, removing weed roots as I went, I then popped some cardboard down and moved soil from the next part to cover the gap, again removing weed roots as I went, I continued in this fashion until I reached the end of the bed and finally tipped in the first lot of soil I had removed.

So there we have it, exciting news. Ruby loves the new plot, there was lots of new sniffs for her to explore and I leave you with a bonus photo of Ruby having a shampoo and set after working hard on the allotment.

until next time, toddle pip.


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