The digging continues

Things are really starting to come together on the plot now, I have managed to get get a few more beds dug and planted. In these, so far I have planted garlic, elephant garlic and shallots.

the next part to tackle was the strip of bed alongside the path, this was filled with couch grass, so it took me a while to dig it all out and sift the roots, but now it is looking lovely and clean and is now a viable bed, which next year I hope to plant my beans and munchkin pumpkins, I had great success with both of these over the arches on my last plot so I hoping for more of the same on this new plot.

The next bed to tackle, would be what I am calling my apothecary bed. This is where I am wanting to grow herbs and flowers to make into teas and balms, such as chamomile, calendula, echinacea. I have some herbs at home in pots, waiting to go into this bed, lemon thyme, stevia, peppermint and spearmint. The mints will be planted in large pots on this bed, not in the ground as mint can be a bit of a thug and I don’t want it to take over the whole bed.

Again, this bed was filled with couch grass and there was a path running alongside which had been completely covered with weeds. But after a day of digging and sifting I finally uncovered the glorious soil.

I am so happy with this and can’t wait to get it planted up. I have some saffron crocus bulbs to pop in at the end of the bed and I am planning on planting tulips and daffodils along the long edge nearest the wood chip path to creat a visual barrier between the beds and in the summer, I will try and grow some sunflowers there too.

Whilst I was digging, Mr Robin paid me a visit and watched keenly as I dug up his dinner, he is such a cheeky chappie.

Each time I visit my new plot, I am surprised with more and more goodies I am finding, I was amazed to find this chap blooming in November. I think it is possibly a dahlia, I am not 100% sure, but how beautiful and what a lovely discovery. I have a suspicion that when spring and summer roll around again I will be discovering more lovely flowery surprises, which is no bad thing in my book.

I shall leave you today with something, not from my plot, but from the lawn in work, this beautiful mushroom. I love how it appears to be dripping black ink. It’s like a Goth fairy house!
Toodle pip!


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