Making more beds

It was now time to start digging at the front of the plot, there are two large beds in front of the section that I completed first.

Again these beds were filled with couch grass and also had the old fencing laid across, which the weeds were growing through, so first things first these had to be moved off. I then did my usual dig and remove the weeds and grass to reveal the lovely soil beneath.

when I finished digging the beds over and removing the weeds, I decided to tuck them up for winter as I didn’t need to use them yet. So I have covered them up to prevent weeds growing until I need the beds again.

Before and progress so far, what a difference!

I also managed to net the fruit cage, in here is planted a standard red gooseberry bush, a Myrtle bush, a honey berry bush and three blackcurrants.

I also added the usual Angela touch, with some of my crocheted bunting (it wouldn’t be an Angela plot without it!)

The resident robin dropped by to check out any worms that were being dug up, each time I go to the plot he gets closer and closer to me. I am also pleased that the shallots I planted have started to show.

As the Yuletide season is upon us, I will leave you with some pictures of my Christmas decorations and tiddly Christmas tree.
Toodle pip


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