Spring is sprung

Spring is sprung, the grass is rizz, I wonder where the birdies is!

That silly little rhyme always reminds me of my Dad, he always used to say it to us when we were children, and I still say it to myself when I see the first bursts of spring.

lots of things are now bursting into life on the plot and it is all looking glorious.

a few weeks ago I gave the rhubarb a top dressing of horse manure and it absolutely loved it.

the daffodils I planted in the autumn are now flowering, the tulips are up but the flowers haven’t appeared yet.

The bushes in the fruit cage are starting to come to life so hopefully I will have a decent crop this summer.

I was able to harvest some goodies for our Easter Sunday lunch, some cavelo nero, a small spring cabbage and a few leeks, with a hefty amount of rhubarb to make a crimble crumble for afters.

I made my first crumble of the year a couple of weeks ago and it went down a treat, so I do see a lot more on the horizon. I used a touch of cinnamon in the crumble topping and it was really lovely.

I will leave you with a couple of pictures of the plot coming to life.

until next time chaps, Toodle pip from Ruby and I


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