Sign of the times

The hard work has been continuing on my new plot, the good news is that I have managed to finish the first six beds and have been able to plant them up, I have winter cabbage, leeks, Cavelo Nero Kale and Swiss chard.
I managed to get all of the dreaded plastic up from this entire section, I then laid cardboard on the paths and topped off with wood chip. On the beds themselves I made netted covers from blue water pipe and scaffold netting.

The progress of this first section

The next section I tackled was part of the back section, again I laid the trusty cardboard with a layer of wood chip.

In the fruit cage, I have planted some blackcurrants, and I have also planted something a little more unusual a honey berry, which produces elongated blue fruits and a Chilean guava, which produces small round red berries which are supposed to have a sweet sherbety taste. I thought I would have a go at growing something which was not readily available in the shops, we will see how I get on with them.
The next step will be to attach the netting to the cage.

I have also made the number sign for my plot, as it didn’t have one. For this I purchased two flat wood blanks in the shape of an apple and a pumpkin, painted them and added the numbers, before sealing them with varnish, ready for attaching to the gate, and hey presto, my plot has it’s name.

Carrying on with the homemade theme, Ali, the lady who had the plot before me had a flag on a flagpole, so I decided to make a flag to adorn the flagpole. I bought a plain flag and used fabric paint to decorate it, we will see how it holds up to the weather.

Silly, but I like it!

So there we have it, the progress made so far and some decorative touches. I will leave you with some action shots of Ruby as we all know she is the one who does all the work on the allotment!

Toodle pip for now


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